À Propos de NH SOCCER

I would like to share with you the great news that concerns everyone, my own NH SOCCER goalie gloves are now on the market. I have been walking the turf for over 30 years and my passion for the position of keeper has only grown stronger. The transition between being a keeper myself and becoming a goalie coach has led me to pay close attention to the gear that we wear when we occupy this position.

I have had the pleasure of being sponsored more than once by international brands. Having been a distributer for a well known international company has led me to create my own brand right here in Québec.

My objective is to accommodate keepers that range from children to adults, amateurs to professionals, with gloves that have a superior quality.

I worry on a daily basis with the keepers that I train about the quality of the gloves they use. It is, after all, their most important work tool.

I question them about their advice on everything… everything that could help them preform to the top of their abilities. It is with this reflexion and with the experience that I have gained over the years that I conceived what I believe is a great addition for keepers.

Thank you all for encouraging me by supporting my specific project for goal tenders.